Customer Snapshot: Food for the Poor

By Hal Werner

“A main deciding factor was the outbound dialer solution. The end users really liked the interface and we (the IT dept.) felt the flexibility, inherent functionality, and ease of use of the backend system would allow us to continue to provide the end users what they would need now, and in the future.” —Vickie Torregrossa, IS Director, Food for The Poor 

Company Info: 

Location: Florida, USA 

Industry: Non-profit 



  • Need to contact supporters in order to raise funds 
  • Struggling to be efficient and effective in reaching support base 
  • Using technology inadequate for the size and sophistication of the operation 
  • Inconsistency hampered agent productivity 


  • An efficient preview, progressive, power and predictive dialer 
  • Intuitive, easy to deploy, easy to modify call scripting 
  • Effective, easy-to-use methods of data import/export 
  • A tactical CRM solution 
  • Meaningful statistics on agent, data and dialer performance 



  • Significant increase in agent productivity 
  • Increase in donations achieved 
  • Significant savings via NJPA contract 
  • Much more consistent and systematic approach to calls handled 
  • Able to effectively manage predictive dialer in small work group