Customer Snapshot: Pomperaug Regional School District

“Within a week of deployment, Mitel Performance Analytics solved a voice quality problem we had struggled with for 6 months. The detailed Mitel voice quality data in Mitel Performance Analytics differentiates it from other management systems and ensures voice quality problems don’t persist.”

Company Info:


  • Regional school district with 7 schools
  • MiVoice Business systems and handsets provided and managed by Mitel partner Total Communications (


  • Persistent voice quality problem (echo, choppy audio) impacting calls at Pomperaug High School.
  • Test calls to emulate the problem failed to find its cause over a 6 month period.



  • Voice quality problems are detected quickly and can be resolved before the user experience is impacted.
  • Troubleshooting is simplified with detailed voice quality data and secure remote access by Total Communications.
  • Quarterly performance reports generated by Mitel Performance Analytics allow Total Communications to demonstrate performance and utilization to Pomperaug over a 3 month period.