Customer Snapshot: West Aurora School District 129

“We don’t have data center space or staff, and moving to the cloud made the most sense. Most school districts are operating out of buildings that weren’t designed to be data centers. The less you need to put in that room, the better.” - Don Ringelestein, Director Technology West Aurora School District 129

Company Info:

  • Location: Aurora, IL
  • Industry: K-12 Education
  • Website:


  • Aging communications system serving 1,800 employees across 20 older buildings
  • Each building houses on-premise equipment and dedicated IT staff to support it
  • Minimal IT staff with a small budget and limited space for on-premise equipment


  • Preferred off-site solution because of building constraints
  • Free up IT staff and reduce requirement for IT personnel in every building
  • Simple-to-use features that required minimal training
  • New solution had to qualify for the FCC’s


  • MiCloud


  • New, easy-to-use features and functionality: call forwarding, conference calling, voicemail-to-email forwarding, etc.
  • No need for expensive phone cabling and PRI leases— New services can be activated with an Ethernet connection and a call to Mitel
  • Allows district to deploy state-of-the-art communications system despite aging properties
  • Supports mission-critical communications and emergency services, even during disasters and power outages