Customer Success Story: Field Aware

Hear Field Aware CEO Charlie Jackson describe how the company is using Mitel Embedded Communications to change the way field service companies collaborate to drive productivity for their clients.

Video Transcript

FieldAware is the fastest growing service automation company in the market. Now we're a new generation of software technology, some people call it mobile first or native mobile, and what that means is the applications are architected for mobile. Now we're also connected to the cloud, but the focus on mobile has fueled the company's growth and accelerated user adoption.
So, essentially, what we did is we transformed the mobile workers capacity and capability to perform while seamlessly integrating to virtually any corporate business system. Our focus is on the mobile field service worker. The first problem that we solve for organizations is that we cure institutional blindness, and what do I mean by that?
Well, today, field employees often lack access to the corporate business systems that a company has. They're expensive and too complex to be used in the field. As a result, companies lack the insight into their field operations, and more importantly, levels of service their customers experience. Now FieldAware focuses on mobility to simply and cost-effectively connect mobile service technicians to the corporate systems in real time.
These days, customers are demanding more complete services from organizations than they've ever before. Now we solve a problem with our customers in helping them with our top line performance. The features and capabilities of our software enable field workers to service more customers, more effectively, resulting in increased revenue per mobile field service employee.
We're excited about the relationship with Mitel. Together, we believe that we can further impact the institutional blindness that companies are facing today. We'll do that by embedding advanced communications and services. The insertion of real-time communications, right within the field of our application, end-to-end through the field service management workflow will help make communicating with customers or field service colleagues instantaneous.
And the user will never have to leave the application, all that communication, whether it's voice, text, messaging, or video can also be captured within the company's work order record. The aging work force has been identified as the number one challenge facing service businesses today. If you're utilizing paper, email, spreadsheets to manage your service activities, and you're not using new age technologies like FieldAware and Mitel, you're gonna have trouble attracting and retaining high quality employees under the age of 35 and your profits are gonna suffer.
Our softwares mirror the look and feel that these young employees are accustomed to. And the instant mobile communication provides great features to enhance their performance. FieldAware now has the opportunity to set our customer service levels apart from their competition. And that's why I'm excited about this business, I'm excited about our technology and I'm excited about working in partnership with Mitel.