Customer Success Video: 7 Investment Management

Customer experience video for Financial Services firm 7 Investment Management. Providing investment advice, management and services to a broad range of clients. 7IM's Mitel solution connects two sites at opposite ends of the UK.

Video Transcript

My name's Graham Stott and I'm the IT Director for Seven Investment Management. We're a retail investment company with offices based in London and Edinburgh. In late 2007, we were looking to move both our London and Edinburgh premises into new, bigger offices. We needed a new phone system, communications platform, that would allow us to join the two offices together and have seamless communication. And Work Smart offered a better solution for us in terms of the platform that we were able to put in. And the ability to grow that platform as the company grew. 

We use the phone system here every day. It's a great system because we are able to dial our other office, which is up in Edinburgh, just using an internal number. We chose a Mitel solution consisting of a 3300 phone switch, VOIP switch, and 5330 phones on all of the desktops. And in our meeting rooms, we also use the conferencing modules that are added into those 5330 handsets. 
We're a people business. We deal with people. We don't deal with systems. And therefore, anything that helps us deal with our clients more directly, more personally, actually not only helps our style and service, but also the personality and brand of the business. What we found was we have now lower cost and better service than we used to have. So the service levels inside the business have stepped up, courtesy of the technology. 
An IP phone system solution provided the ability to have one phone system with consistent set of numbers, in our hosted data center that would supply both the current Edinburgh and London offices, and any that we may open in the future. It's enabled us to make sure the character of our business comes out directly to our clients.