Customer Success Video: Philadelphia Phillies


Watch our Mitel customer profile video on the Philadelphia Phillies MLB team.


Video Transcript

Being a vendor of a Major League Baseball team can be very challenging. The Phillies take the welfare and enjoyment of every fan very seriously. When we moved from Veterans Stadium to Citizens Bank Park, the transition was extremely smooth due in part to Mitel's modular structure and flexibility. CENet solutions has chosen to sell Mitel exclusively for many years because Mitel always stands behind us. We've run into some very difficult integrations. And Mitel always works with us. 

One of the greatest benefits with the Mitel Solution happens with our spring training time. We have probably about 40 people from here in Philadelphia that go down for two months and spring training in Clearwater. One of the biggest advantages, they can take their phone number with that. It makes it a lot easier to access your voicemail. Another number doesn't have to be published in any type of directories for Major League Baseball. 
We use it to better serve our fans, keep an eye on how long person this waiting in queue, what the busy time is, what are trunking needs would be. The interactive queue helps us out a lot during our peak times because it's the ability to add an agent anywhere within the organization. Gives them the flexibility of having one phone number, one voicemail to check. When you're mobile as much as we are, it's a big plus. We've had a longstanding relationship with Mitel since 1993. It's grown along with our organization. And we're looking to do more with them in the future. The reason CENet Solutions and Mitel make great partners is because we both place the highest value on customer service and satisfaction.