Giving Machines a Voice with Mitel Mass Notification

By the Experts at Mitel


In emergency situations, mass notification technology provides a powerful platform for ensuring your critical communications are heard. In this video from Mitel Next San Antonio, Mitel’s Ryan Smith, Product Marketing Manager, and Darren Mombourquette, Lead Architect, demonstrate how Mitel solutions give machines a voice for more streamlined and effective mass notification using new innovations like Amazon Alexa.

From the video:

Ryan: Every school district, at some point has to be able to communicate with parents, teachers, school board staff, and other stakeholders.

Darren: When people think about Mitel Mass Notification, they usually think about emergencies and critical alerts, but there's a lot of other use cases as well, event coordination. We're gonna do a bit of a live demo here today to try to showcase this. Today our school district is getting ready for its annual picnic and it's starting to rain.

Ryan: Well you know, I'm not worried, though, because I plan for rain. But you know, it looks like it's getting pretty bad out there, the picnic's an hour away but I think what we'll do is we'll let people know that the picnic is still on but we're monitoring the weather very closely.

Darren: Okay, got it.

Ryan: What do you mean you got it?

Darren: Done.

Ryan: Done, what do you mean done?

Darren: Look, Ryan, I automate everything, my phone, this thing is wired up, I got all these buttons, it's like my mission control center, does way more than just phone calls.

Ryan: Okay, alright, well listen. So I've got this new toy.

Darren: This?

Ryan: Absolutely. And so I'm voice activating everything in my world, I've got this thing connected to all of our campaigns, everything, so the next time, just…

Darren: Alright.

Ryan: Let me do it.

Darren: Keep your toy, I'll keep my phone.

Ryan: Alright.

Ryan: Yeah, the weather conditions look like they're getting worse. Let's see, Alexa. Ask Mitel, how's the weather?

Alexa: It's 68 degrees and the National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning and a flash flood watch for your area until 10 p.m.

Ryan: Can't catch a break. Looks like plan B is gonna be off the table so we may have to cancel this picnic. But before we run a code yellow and cancel the picnic, let's get all the decision-makers on a call.

Darren: Good idea.

Ryan: Alexa, ask Mitel to set up an emergency review call. So what you'd be thinking here of course is big deal, it's a conference call, but what we were showing is the fact that using Mass Notification, Mitel can help organizations change their workflows.

Darren: Key decision-makers can be brought in quickly, coordinate actions and discuss next steps. If this was a real emergency, this would be your first responders team; in this case, it's your event coordinators. These workflows can be coordinated and people can communicate over many different channels, email, SMS, and of course, hopefully, voice.

Ryan: Well in this instance, we decided to cancel the event and communicate with the event coordinators onsite. So I guess we'll cancel the event?

Darren: We'll try.

Ryan: Alexa, ask Mitel to run code yellow.

Alexa: Broadcast code yellow, flood initiated.

Darren: Alright.

Ryan: And did you get the message?

Darren: Got it.

Ryan: Okay.

Darren: So we're showing you this demo today using an Amazon Echo, which is kind of a fun device but this product today works with your existing communications system. Mitel Mass Notification has a wide array of buttons, triggers, sensors, both wired and wireless. We're now experimenting with the new LoRa wireless technology, which is commercial-grade wireless; you can check it out in the innovation center. Mitel's Mass Notification team is constantly trying to innovate and experiment with new types of triggers and the Amazon Echo is just one of our examples to showcase this.

We're helping you trying to solve your tomorrow's challenges.

Ryan: So it's a complex system and when you add on the individual workflows of a school district, that system can get even more complex. But that's the value of what Mitel does. We make the complex simple. That's it. Rich, back to you.