MiCollab Client - Mobile

Mitel MiCollab Client is Mitel’s award-winning unified communications application that gives you a single access point for all your business communication and collaboration needs.

Communicate anywhere, anytime, on any device with MiCollab. The mobile optimized collaboration suite from Mitel. Today's workforce is increasingly mobile. Every company wants a communication system that allows their employees to connect and collaborate with each other easily, efficiently, seamlessly and securely. Mitel powers those connections with MiCollab. What is it? It's an application with embedded chat, voice, video, and conference capabilities to enable seamless communication across your organization. Once MiCollab is installed in your network, it's easy to start using it on your mobile device.

Download the mobile app from your favorite app store and then scan the personalized QR codes sent to you in the Micollab welcome email. That's it, you are done. Your login credentials are imported automatically and even better there are no passwords, usernames or other info to remember. Start communicating and getting work done, seamlessly. Looking for someone? With MyColab, you can easily search for colleagues and see their availability. Send those contacts a quick not via chat. And if If you need a call, when they're ready, get the conversation started on any device. Wanna turn your conversation into a conference call? No problem. Add coworkers to discussions fast and easy on MiCollab app. Join meetings and collaborate on projects. Easily share audio, web, video and documents with key colleagues. You'll also keep better track of your mobile workforce and contacts, because everyone can create dynamic status updates in MiCollab. Helping you keep track of the people you connect with on a regular basis. If you are a growing business, MiCollab is in highly scalable. It can deployed in on-premise, cloud or hybrid environment.

You choose what suits your businesses needs. And when you are ready for a change or platform upgrade, you can take advantage of the best path to the Cloud. Future proof in your investment. MiCollab's security is enterprise grid, perfect for any sized business. All these features are included with a single user experience across any mobile platform. Including iOS, Android, Windows and even Blackberry 10. So, reduce unnecessary down time and time spent waiting on coworkers to collaborate. A more efficient workforce equals more cost savings, contributing to your bottom line. MiCollab is a single, real time communication suite built for today's mobile enterprise. Start using miCollab to power your communication and collaboration efforts today. Mitel, Powering connections.