By the Experts at Mitel

MiStealth Secures Real-Time Communication from Cyber Threats


Video Transcript

Organizations need a better way to protect sensitive corporate data against cyber attacks in today's bring your own device, or BYOD, and mobile environment. Unfortunately, mobile devices are prime targets for cyber criminals seeking to infect your corporate network. In fact, 46% of organizations permitting BYOD have had a data breach as a result of employee devices accessing the network.
Today's approach to mobile security just isn't good enough. Current solutions fail to secure the entire data path only extend to the perimeter of the data center, and falls short in allowing granular security controls for users. Mobile security starts inside the data center and extends out to mobile devices.
MiStealth helps protect critical application processing environments inside the data center through advanced cloaking techniques, making application end points virtually invisible to hackers. MiStealth for mobile extends this protection of mission critical assets to mobile environments, providing only authorized mobile users access to specific application servers. The entire data path, from the mobile device to the stealth-protected application processing environment in the data center, is secure.
MiStealth for mobile enables secure access into communities of interest for BYOD employees, customers, and other third parties whose devices the organization does not manage.