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Meet Patrice Belie from Hub One

I'm Patrice Belie. I'm the CEO of Hub One. Hub One is a well known B2B services company in France. We provide IT services to businesses of all kinds. We are 100% subsidiary of the Paris Airport Authority. We accommodate roughly 120,000 people coming to work every day. About 1500 companies actually in a nutshell we could say that the airport is a small city. Because we accommodate lots of objects we're gonna speak M2M, IOT, retail, and this is what all Hub One is about.

Back in 2011, Hub One decided to move to IP telephony and cloud based telephony as such because we had to grow beyond our original market of the airport. We needed a solution that could be scalable, easy to deploy and as a result very cost effective. The IP based cloud telephony from Mitel with MiVoice and MiCloud solutions is what we needed also for Hub One. And we decided to deploy these tools, for our daily needs. It's very adaptive. It's very collaborative. It's very agile. It helps us be a more performing organization. The very compelling argument for any CIO or CEO deciding to move to a mobile enterprise solution is very obviously that it's very cost effective because it will be easy to deploy, easy to maintain, easy to run. And on top it will bring productivity gains.

People will be enabled to communicate at all times from where they are. We at Hub One, we pride ourselves in being a strong promoter of innovation. We were early adopters of IP based cloud telephony with Mitel. And at the present time, we are also early adopters of IOT and end-to-end technologies. All these technologies actually serve the mobile enterprise.

You can see assets on the move, people on the move, assets talking to assets, assets talking to people, everything is connected and communicating at the same time. Whether on the field, or on premises, or sitting at the office. The future on business and customer expectations in the feat of mobile enterprise are going to be highly demanding. It will be about security and I think every CIO is very preoccupied with cyber crime and all the threats that any enterprise bears sort of today. It will be about high throughput. There are lots of videos and data coming up that we require carriers to actually invest in the networks and equipment makers and sort of provide the appropriate equipment as a result. It will be about low latency for the end user.

As an end user I want constant connection, a seamless connection, moving from the outside world into the meeting where I'm working onto the wifi network of the companies. In a nutshell, it's all about improving what we have as an experience of mobility today. And tomorrow, will be even more mobility with higher demands. And I think that Mitel has it all right, to have placed mobility first in their strategies.