Customer Snapshot: Group & Pension Administrators (GPA)

“When Mitel presented its cloud solution and the flexibility it provides, I realized that it was the way for GPA to go moving forward. Mitel takes care of updating the system, but we can go in and add or delete extensions and still have all the capabilities we had before, but I don’t have to worry about managing the hardware.” -Mac McIntyre, VP of Technology GPA

Company Info:

  • Location: Dallas/San Antonio, TX
  • Industry: Healthcare Benefits Administration
  • Website:


  • More than one-third of total workforce works from home

  • Managing two separate communications systems (Dallas, San Antonio) that were complex to update and maintain

  • IT wanted to focus on the healthcare business and get out of the hardware business


  • A single communications system/network to tie together both office locations plus work-at-home employees

  • Backup and redundancy for mission-critical communications applications

  • Reduce costs from leased PRI lines and long-distance toll charges

  • Seamless migration from premised-based to cloud-based platform


  • MiVoice Call Recording

  • MiCollab 


  • Same capabilities/control as premise-based system without the hardware headaches

  • Complete cloud-based backup and recovery system—no high costs or crossed fingers!

  • MPLS network between Dallas and San Antonio offices eliminates inter-office toll charges

  • More convenient and cost-effective solution for ordering and activating new phone numbers