Mitel Case Study: Mainsail Lodging and Development

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Meet Robert from Mainsail Lodging Development

My name is Robert Melendez. I'm the IT Director for Mainsail Lodging Development. And you're in one of our mock rooms for our latest product, the Warderline Resort. I think people have a misperception of IT in hotels. They think, oh they just deal with Wi-Fi and a little bit of everything. Everything that you would see in any other office environment we have, and we do at usually a pretty high level, comparative to some smaller shops.

Cisco was our provider. When we were looking at our  educations within our department, we found that the requirements to continue to run Cisco, and the lack of capabilities that the Cisco switches had, didn't make sense for me and my team.

So we were looking for someone with a little bit more flexibility, a good user interface and the ability to quickly make changes in our environment without having to have huge amounts of education. When we were evaluating Mitel, we came across a lot of features that impressed us. The UCC license platform allowed my sales force to work wherever, whenever, no matter what the circumstance was. It gives us fail over capability that might not necessarily be available with other platforms. The ability to basically turn on my laptop and make a phone call, just like of it's anywhere else in the world. I'm in the same place as far as Mitel's concerned.

Our business is all about reservations and sales and catering and conference services. So being able to make that contact with people before another organization has sold them on them is Is important to us, so the speed in which that occurs with the solution is much greater. And then from the IT side, just being able to be available for everyone all the time. Work as an activity and not a location for me means that I can be anywhere and do anything with my system including emails, telephone calls, just as if I'm in the office. And MiCollab helps support that. I would most definitely recommend Mitel to any shop.