Mitel Next Berlin 2016 - Interview of Graham Bevington

By the Experts at Mitel


Video Transcript

It's been a really exciting day for everybody in the Mitel Enterprise division. We've launched MiTeam, a new collaboration tool, real time, real simple. You basically can send an email, to invite someone into your group. It takes us to a different level, it moves us beyond all the over the top applications that require special power, drain the battery, have to be within the wall garden.
We're really changing the game now, and we're leveraging the mobile infrastructure and the mobile guys' knowledge to make sure that we can do things so differently now. The future's really exciting, as Mitel moves forward and integrates the cloud, mobile, and enterprise. We really are taking our applications and our services to the next level.
When it really gets exciting is when we move into verticals. Then you can really start to see people's eyes light up, as they see the application of all three technologies in such a different way. Today, we talked about health care. Previously, we've talked about hospitality. There'll be more verticals coming down the line, as we start to articulate our story of how a combined Mitel is so different from the rest of the market.