Mitel Next Berlin 2016 - Interview of Jon Brinton

By the Experts at Mitel


Video Transcript

I'm really excited about Mitel Next, because what this really shows is the evolution of our business, to where the mobile enterprise and cloud segments are really intersecting, and creating a lot of new, exciting innovation through embedded communications, machine to machine communications and enabling a lot of new business applications that otherwise couldn't have been possible before.
If you take a look at what we announced today with our partnership with Field Aware, it's really in just a few months of starting our accelerator taking, creating embedded communications within the field ware application that really can make the lives of service workers much more effective and make them much more productive for the organization.
And that's the kind of practical innovation that I think that people can expect to see from Mitel through this event series that we've created called Mitel Next. And one of the coolest, I think, that we announced at this Mitel Next is our MiTeam for MiCloud, social collaboration application.
Because the exciting thing about MiTeam, is it's really built for the way workers work today. I mean we know, as millennials invade and become a much larger portion of the workforce, work is to more people a thing you do, it's not a place you go. And through the creation of streams within the MiTeam application, people can take, form a large informal team, work together for a project, be able to actively add members to the team without boundaries, be able to share information, collaborate, do whiteboarding, mark up documents, document sharing, and record it all so you get a record of it as well.
And through the life of the project really be able to see the complete work flow that the team has collaborated on together. And it's that type of social collaboration that can really help increase the productivity of teams and make them much more effective for their organizations. And so, MiTeam is really a revolutionary addition to our cloud portfolio.
Having this Mitel Next even in Berlin is especially satisfying because, you know as we near two million cloud users with Mitel, most people don't realize that nearly three quarters of a million of those users are here in Europe. And part of the reason that we're having that great success, is because we are enabling real time communications that helps people be more productive wherever they want to work and through whatever device of their choice they want to work on.
The exciting innovation we're having with improving mobile applications and integrating the 4G and voice over LTE mobile networks, voiceover Wi-Fi and our cloud solutions together is really helping to create the catalyst that's driving that rapid growth that we're experiencing in the cloud around the world.