Mitel Next Berlin 2016 - Interview of Rich McBee

By the Experts at Mitel


Video Transcript

What was really exciting for me at this Mitel Next, a lot of preparation went into it from all the various functional areas and everything, but I was able to sit back and look at what's really happening at Mitel. I tell you I felt really proud. You know we've got the enterprise businesses going very well.
We've got the cloud businesses going very well. We're doing really well in the mobile business. But taking that to the next level with our incubator, where we're actually tying those pieces together as one company. It was really exciting to see the customers, their testimonials talking about the services that we're providing.
To actually see really capabilities that we talked about just a few months ago as a concept to actually be shown as a working product. This was a great Mitel Next event for me. And you know what? We talked about a lot future technology and I just can't wait until the next one when we really bring it all together once again and show how special a company Mitel is, and how much we are really leading the world with the mobile enterprise.