Mitel Next Berlin 2016 - Interview of Wes Durow

By the Experts at Mitel


Video Transcript

Today's Mitel Next event was really about establishing the next transition from mobile, cloud, real time communications. What this means for our channels is really the opportunity to take advantage of each of these technologies. Because, when we wake up, we wake up and look at our smart phone.
And nobody knows how customers and how businesses work better than our channel partners. They really understand, whether you're a receptionist, whether you're a service person, whether you're a salesperson, how companies interact, communicate, and collaborate. And so being able to leverage and understand the next evolution of cloud mobile technologies, and how they interact back with application environments becomes really important, and they can help create that blueprint for their customers.
For our mobile operator customers, the ability to take advanced enterprise feature sets as the mobile environment goes to IP, and more importantly goes to 5G, and you start taking slices of the network, and making those vertically oriented for internet of things, or machine to machine topologies. We work with verticals every single day.
So again, it goes back to that workflow, and how you embed real time communications in that equation. So it gets really exciting for us to have those conversations with operators in terms of how they can create new streams of revenue. And importantly for our existing customers, and our new customers, whether they're small businesses or large enterprises, the world is coming together in terms of how you communicate.
When you think about connecting, it's not just with the people on your four walls. It's the people that you interact with every single day. And so new features like MiTeam that really enable seamless communication collaboration from a mobile first environment, changed the game. So what we've tried to do is, how do we eliminate any unneeded hurdle in terms of communications, and make it seamless?
Communications collaborations should be seamless. It shouldn't depend on what device. It shouldn't depend on what application. I just want it to work. And that's what Mitel Next is all about, is how we advance those transitions in communications, make it seamless, make it simple, brings speed back to how organizations communicate, and we do that through mobile, cloud, and real time technologies.
The announcement we made today specific to the Mitel Accelerator and embedding communications back into the vertical SAAS-oriented communications is a big step forward for our business. It creates a new revenue stream, it allows us to interact with customers in a new way, build new channels, and what's really important here is most of the innovation that's happened around real time communications has been really click to connect.
It's been about embedding click to connect voice video features into horizontal applications like sales force. Or like your office suite of applications. By taking a vertical approach and by taking a mobile first approach we really take a tap to connect approach which starts with the smartphone, which starts with the tablet and how you go the other direction.
And most businesses, most people work in businesses, work in a vertical SAAS-oriented application environment first. That's where they live all day long. It doesn't matter whether you're in insurance, whether you're in finance, whether you're in health care, whether you're in hospitality. Most businesses have an application environment we're working on.
To go deep in those environments and truly understand how to enable communications, you have to understand the workflow of each of those. The people that create those applications understand the workflow. What they often don't understand is how does communications improve and extend the experience you can deliver in that workflow.
So, we co-ideate directly with customers and build this. The announcement that we just made with FieldAware is the very first step in that co-ideation, but again it's about bringing speed and simplicity to how people communicate and embedding it in a way that they can work every single day seamlessly, securely, simply.