Mitel Next Berlin - Graham Bevington - Miteam - Jan 2016

By the Experts at Mitel


Video Transcript

Good afternoon, everybody. It's my pleasure to be here to announce the arrival of our new enterprise application MIT. Now, you're probably looking at me and thinking, he's not a millennial. Now, why is this old dinosaur, and those of you from locally in Germany will know that I've been selling voice systems since 1983?
He's been selling voice solutions for the last-30-odd years, been picked to come and talk about mobile and MiTeam, and where my sell is going? But really I am proof of the way that people are changing the way that they work. 70% of mobile professionals today use the smart phone as their first point of choice in how they manage their day to day business.
By 2017, internal applications will be built with a mobile first view, and actually putting them on the traditional infrastructure is likely to be a second thought. Mitel, again, is leapfrogging the market, is leapfrogging technology with its mobile-first attitude. In announcing my team, what we're creating is a team collaboration solution.
It's realtime, has native integration and supports the way that teams actually work today. It's immersive, it's easy to connect and share and engage, and it streams the information to people no matter how they work, whether they be a large group or a small group. Let me show you the application.
This is the application, and it's a real great example of how Mitel is changing. In our own use of this in Josh's team, we actually found that by using collaboration tools between our team in Bangalore and our team in Richardson, Texas, we could reduce the number of emails that went between the 2 groups by around 40%.
The great thing about the tool is it doesn't need authentication. You can actually access the tool with a simple email invitation. So it's a no wall, open environment, it's got very powerful messaging and content sharing. And it allows you to do white boarding in real time voice, which is obviously our speciality, and video in a social collaboration format.
People need to visualize and see the enterprise. They need to understand and connect with their customers and with a non-proprietary email account form, a verification, a no walls. It's easy to communicate seamlessly in a way that works and the way that people want to work.
Break down barriers, increase productivity and reduce email by up to 40% with MiTeam, the realtime mobile first on-demand collaboration tool from Mitel.
MiTeam works the way modern teams do, enabling around the clock communication with just an email address. All the collaboration tools you need are at your fingertips in a seamless and open environment. Chat across any time zone in topic or project based virtual rooms that you define or create.
Start a virtual room and easily invite anyone, anywhere to join with no authentication or company-issued email required. Push notifications on all your devices keep you in the loop so you never have to play catch up. Want to invite more collaborators? No problem. New team members have accessed the full team collaboration history.
So there's no need to search for or forward emails. Integrated third party applications like Dropbox allow you to share files and providing feedback is seamless with real time commenting and annotations. You can even record audio feedback on the go with voice tagging. Assign tasks to any team member in your virtual room and to prove and sign documents, taking productivity even further.
Keep conversations going with instant or scheduled meetings, video chat, and screen sharing from any mobile device. Record and save these interactions for future reference so nothing's lost. Seamless communication, open collaboration, 40% less emails. All in one environment. Welcome to Real-time Communications with my team, built for today's Mobile Enterprise. Mitel, powering connections.
So as you can see, we really are moving forward, and it's this mobile first mindset And coach of the existing Mitel that makes us so different from the rest of the market. Simplicity's the other key. And what's great about this application is it's actually embedded in our technology.
It's not over the top. You don't need to reach for your charger when you use it. It actually works and integrates within our systems and technology. But actually, more importantly, it integrates with numerous other applications. We've listed a few on the chart. We wanted you to know that if you operate your business in or whatever your choice of application is, My Sales, straight out the gate will be able to support and work in that environment.
This is a real time communications engine. It operates not just in the corporate environment, but actually allows you to work beyond the corporate environment with external parties, inviting people to join you in collaboration with a simple email. And a new member of the team actually gets to see the history of all the collaboration work that's gone on.
Because that's kept in the system and every person who joins gets to feel that and see that. So really what we're trying to do here is combine the best of both worlds, project based teaming and real time communications in a single application. It's a different way of collaborating.
It's more open, more user friendly. And this is how we believe the people will really work, this is how Mitel is adding real value for our customers. So this really is social collaboration without boundaries.
Thank you