Mitel Next Berlin - Rich McBee - Conclusion - Jan 2016

By the Experts at Mitel

You know, seamless, embedded, secure, communications and collaboration, That's what we're about at the end of the day. Bringing those capabilities to the market. You've seen today how Mitel, I think, is helping to reinvent this space using the three pillars of technology that we have mobility, cloud, and the enterprise.
They'll have to work seamlessly together over time and will continually innovate to make this happen. You know for critical services such as the health care that we just showed, the reality is the reliability. And the security of those systems are very, very, very critical. And that's why you need to use a mobile network which is very five nines, critical and secure.
If I think about the future and I look to the trends of the future of the business and the technologies that we serve. The reality is there’s gonna continue to be a lot of innovation in the mobile space, in the cloud space, and in the enterprise industry. There's gonna be even more innovations in the seams where those circles come together between mobile and enterprise or mobile cloud.
And as we think about those new capabilities, there's gonna to be another stage. Which means it's gonna have to work on multiple vendor's capabilities. Vendors are gonna have to have an open architecture that embraces ecosystems where our seamless communications and collaboration may be actually working in concert, or together, with one of our competitors.
Because as you bring mobility, and the enterprise capability, and the cloud capability, not everybody's gonna be at the same stage at the same time. And at Mitel, we're very happy that we've always taken an open approach and we'll continue to focus on that. Because the reality is our customers want seamless communications and collaboration, one tap to connect.
And they don't care about all the complexity underneath it. They've got other things to do. So we're very, very passionate about it. We're also gonna see business intelligence, big data, internet of things, machine to machine. We'll create all sorts of new opportunities and new challenges. It's all gonna need to be integrated seamlessly, so that it's actually usable.
It's all gonna have to be in a secure environment, Big challenges in the future, big challenges. But the reality is, we have the pillars of technology to really push and advance this seamless communications and collaboration agenda. The network of the future is gonna be all IP based, it has to be if you think about it.
It's the only way they can handle all these new services and applications coming. And that means that whether it's a fixed environment, or a mobile environment it will be virtualized. And when it's virtualized it has not boundaries in terms of hardware or geography. And as the mobile networks proliferate IP, move from a circuit switch network, you'll see these services coming together faster and more innovation happening all the time.
Mitel is right at the front of that. You're gonna see innovations in 5G. Everybody's talking about it, there's no defined standard today. Everybody's trying to put their stake into the ground and I can assure you, Mitel's working on it too. Because to be able to handle, All the data and all the information, We haven't even deployed the LTE network, but we can see, because of the Internet of things.
And the ability to link machines to machines, the reality is we are gonna need a network that can handle that traffic too. There will be billions of connected devices. Not only mobile subscribers that are human, Subscribers that are machines. And I think beyond the machine to machine interface you're going to see the machine to human interface.
Because the guy, you don't want to call your air conditioner repair man. You want your air conditioner to call your repair man and say look, I'm sick, not enough RPMs, Send a technician, and you'll never know it happened. A new form of business, An air conditioning company can actually provide a monthly service to monitor your devices.
New business models will be enabled. Specialized verticals will be enabled, I see this as not horizontal. I see this as hyperverticals will be enabled. Specialization will be enabled. And it will make the importance of mobility, cloud, and the enterprise interactions even more important and more prevalent. I'm excited where Mitel is today.
So what's next? Well, I can tell you, we just talked about a lot of future technologies. And we did that at the first Mitel Next forum. And for those of you who actually were at the Mitel forum or saw the first one, we talked about some future things.
And we demonstrated it working today, in real commercial applications. Not future things way out there, happening today. So I'm pretty excited about what we're gonna show at the next Mitel Next forum. You can be assured it will be about future technologies where we're bringing cloud and mobility and the enterprise together.
And most importantly, we're bringing capabilities that really make a difference. To our customers, and to their customers. Really, making life easier. Making things more simple, more integrated in a seamless way. I'd like to thank every one of you for joining us today. It was an exciting day for me, when you sit back and see all the technologies that are coming.
I can tell you this, I can promise you this. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much innovation going on at Mitel today, in the mobile space, in the cloud, in the enterprise space and every one of those circles in between. We've put together an incubator that will accelerate the technology and we really think Mitel is a special place to be today.
Thank you for joining us.