Mitel Next San Diego - Brian Spencer Interview

By the Experts at Mitel

Interview of Brian Spencer at Mitel Next San Diego, April 2016.
Brian Spencer is General Manager, Contact Center, at Mitel.


Video Transcript

I'm excited about Mitel Next. It's a fantastic platform for Mitel to tell the world and specifically our user community and our partner community exactly where we think the market is going and what we're doing about it. Because our customers are gonna make an investment in a solution to solve their today problem but just as important they need to know they've invested in solving their tomorrow problem as well and Mitel as a leader.
Let's look at that word exactly proper. We are a leader. We know where we're going and we're leading the way with our customers. So today, I got to talk about what we're doing with customer experience. I was very excited to tell the world where we think the market is going.
What's important in terms of our customers' customer, and the experiences that they expect. And providing them a pathway to a solution to solve that problem, and engage in relationships that will build long term, sustainable competitive advantages for our customers, and pleasant experiences for their customers. So that's what Mitel Next means to me.
The channel benefits so much for an event like this because the channels is an extension of Mitel's vision into the market place. And the channel can come and learn were we think the market is moving. Understand the value that we believe we deliver in solving the problems of our customers in a next in the future moving forward.
And they're able to monetize that. They're able to come up with great ideas, understanding the problems that they can take back to their local marketplaces and creating real value for their customers by focusing on their customers' customer experience. Because today if all you're doing is selling a low level infrastructure, there's not a lot of differentiation in that.
But our channel partners can come here and learn what's gonna help them increase their customers' revenue, increase their customers' customers' life-time customer value which is going to help them drive more commerce in their local market place and create stickier relationships for themselves. The customer experience is going to the mobile device, and I know you hear a lot about mobile with Mitel today.
But the reality is think about it, how do you engage with anyone? You use your mobile device today, and if you put on your customer hat, your individual hat and not your business person hat you're gonna start with a mobile app or you're going to start with a mobile website.
And you're going to try and access service. And when you want to interact with an individual, it's about extending that service and getting it complete. You're going to want to do it right there in the app, a native app experience. And that's where customer experience solutions need to be going, is making that seamless and easy for the consumer so that the customer, our customer can benefit from a long term healthy relationship.