Mitel Next San Diego - Steve Conquer Interview

By the Experts at Mitel

Interview of Steve Conquer at Mitel Next San Diego, April 2016. 
Steve Conquer is Group Director - Major Accounts & National Channels, at Mitel.

Video Transcript

Mitel Next is really important to the channel in the fact that we're bringing new products, new solutions, new ideas to the market. And we're doing it at a three month interval. It's very, very important to the channel partner. And having this event here with the top 50 partners, it really resonates that they're the first to see what the strategy is within Mitel and how to deploy it within their environment.
Mitel Next to the channel is a very important event. This is the third one that we've done. We're actually releasing them every three months. And it's really an opportunity for Mitel to talk about our strategy to the partner, to understand where we're going, not just from a product perspective, but really from a solution.
And how it will impact their customer base. So very, very important for our customers. Very, very important for our channel partners. Channel partners really, truly understand what our strategy is and how they can move forward Mitel. It benefits the end customer because we're showing solutions and we're looking at where the market is going.
So if you look at mobile enterprise, we're not just looking at PBX, we're not just looking at features. We're looking at how we can make the end customer a lot more productive. So it's not just a matter of being in your office for example. It's really showing how are solutions and how our offerings can really benefit the end user by showing how we can use Mitel in a mobile environment.
And that really resonates with both our end customers and our partners. Definitely, towards the mobile enterprise. If you look at the millennials coming into the marketplace. If you look at the shift from someone being in an office and having a hardphone and a computer and a desk. You look at the millennials, they're either gonna be a mobile only or a mobile first customer.
So the mobile phone is gonna be their vehicle of choice, if you like, for making any communication. Whether it's a call, video, voice, collaboration, the mobile is where it's going, and that's the future. And that's why it's really important with the Mitel Next to show what we're doing with the mobile enterprise, to show how it all connects together into the value for the end customer.