Mitel Next San Diego - Timothy Gaines Interview

By the Experts at Mitel

Interview of Timothy C. Gaines at Mitel Next San Diego, April 2016.
Timothy C. Gaines is Sr. Vice President, Channel Sales, USA, at Mitel.


Video Transcript

So this Mitel Next event is a great platform for us to communicate what's changing and evolving about our strategy as we go forward. What's happening right now in the industry, and the transformation that's occurring, not only in the industry, but at Mitel, is big and expanding and changing rapidly.
And so, coming up with a way to communicate effectively to our channel, what the influences are, how it impacts them, what's changing. The role we expect them to play to help us capitalize on this is really important. So Mitel Next creates a communication vehicle for us to convey that message, relate it, communicate it, get everybody on the same page, so we can execute together to take advantage of the opportunity.
Well, we couldn't do this without the partners, right? To bring solutions, enterprise, cloud, mobile, mobile enterprise solutions, collaboration, communication, deliver that to a customer in a very complex IT environment, takes sophisticated set of capabilities that no manufacturer alone can do by themselves. We need the talent, the wisdom, the experience of our channels to help us bring together the pieces, to bring business value, improvement, impact to our end-user customer.
So we're better together. We couldn't do it by ourselves, that's why the channel's so important. Well, if they're going to be a trusted advisor for their end-user customers they're serving, you, today more than ever, as a partner, you have to be a complete end-to-end solution supplier. To expect a customer to knit together all the pieces, mobile, cloud, collaboration, communication, is a daunting task for any customer to do alone.
So for a channel partner, if you're going to bring value to your end customers, If they're gonna perceive you as a high value solution provider, you've got to address their needs across all of those technology domains. And what we're doing with our channel is Is all about helping equip them to do that.