Mitel Next San Diego - Tom Lang Interview

By the Experts at Mitel

Interview of Tom Lang at Mitel Next San Diego, April 2016.
Tom Lang is Vice President, Sales, Canada, at Mitel.


Video Transcript

We've had a really fantastic time, the partners have an aura, overly enthusiastic, the transfer of the urgency around the business, the excitement around the product, and just the roadmap and the vision, the common nomenclature, everybody's had a fantastic time. Well, this is a fiercely competitive market. We've been making some strategic moves over the last few years that are really been putting together the pieces of not just a product but a communications and collaboration solution.
So, that Mitel Next shows the near term and the medium term vision of the company, where we're going, what we're gonna be able to do for the end customers, etcetera. So it's pretty critical that we all get a common message and a common platform to talk about that.
The common nomenclature that we all go to market together with, and support one another. So I think that's been achieved very, very effectively here today. Well, the end customer wants a seamless tap to communicate experience. Right? You think about the evolution of the industry, we've talked about it today.
Really it's a mobile first strategy, maybe a mobile only strategy someday, but today it's a mobile first strategy. And for them to understand how all the pieces have come together, and we've been working on this for quite some time, from the control, adding on the sets, the open systems business the contact center, the call recording, now the mobility footprint that allows us all to bring it you know the four clouds converging the four areas of business converging.
It's unique there's no one else in the marketplace that's got that type of functionality, yet there's a couple of our competitors are starting to talk about us which is a good validation that we're on the right track. But if we don't get the message out and get ahead of it, they mean, they're the most important asset we've got.
So the customers really need to understand where we're going and the partners need to be able to communicate that.