T-Mobile Netherlands

Competition in the mobile space is fierce, and today more than ever, mobile carriers need to find ways to differentiate themselves in order to gain and keep customers. In addition for many mobile operators, fixed mobile convergence technology changes demand and requires all operators to step into this area. To help it stand out from the crowd and offer customers innovative services, T-Mobile Netherlands (TMNL) introduced Cloud & Clear, a fixed-mobile converged (FMC) solution for small and medium businesses.


  • Needed to address the emerging cloud market, as well as customers’ need for more “mobile centric” communications
  • Wanted to provide a lower total cost of ownership than its key competitors
  • Goals to expand and become the leader of business-to-business (B2B) customer experience management
  • Desired to outperform the market and be recognized as the most flexible provider
  • Competitive marketing driving need to accelerate service delivery to customers and partners 


T-Mobile Netherlands (TMNL) Cloud & Clear, a fixed-mobile converged (FMC) solution for small and medium businesses based on Mitel MiCloud technology


  • Cloud & Clear offer offers a variety of standard features, as opposed to a one size fits all “Centrex” model
  • Partners control the service delivery and deployment
  • Partners easy to sell the solution that comes with a single contract for all the customer’ communication needs, with one supplier and one invoice
  • Customers can migrate to the service at their own pace (and where contracts allow)
  • Customers can scale up and down as needed, while adding and deleting features based upon the different profiles and add-ons
  • Customers can get both flexi and pay-per-use or bundled subscriptions, providing customers with more options