What is Hot desking?

By Hal Werner

Hot desking is an office organization system which involves multiple workers using a single physical work station or surface during different time periods as opposed to each staff member having their own desk. Hot desking is often found in workplaces with flexible schedules for employees, where not all employees are actually working in an office at the same time or on the same schedules. 

With the growth of mobility services, hot desking can also include the routing of voice and other messaging services to any location where the user is able to log into their secure corporate network. Therefore their telephone number, their email and instant messaging can be routed to their location on the network and no longer to just their physical desk.

With the emergence of hot desking and the increasing presence of technology in the workplace, tools have been developed to make it easier to utilize hot desking in an office environment, to standardize the process, and to automatically enforce basic business rules or policies. Generally, using the hot desking method is accomplished by installing and operating by a piece of software which integrates with the company’s email and calendaring systems, with the telephony or PBX systems, and is tailored to the office of each individual company. These software systems usually also allow the company to manage many space-related resources such as conference rooms, desks, offices and project rooms.