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The London Borough of Enfield receives over 5,000 calls a day from residents, with queries on everything from housing to rubbish collection. But until now, a lot of calls, particularly those that are passed by the switchboard operators to service departments, were not being answered, let alone having the caller’s enquiry dealt with.


Their old system was linked with the MiVoice Business system as a gateway and some bespoke software was written to provide a seamless link. The tailor-made solution has now been installed and Martin Fox, Strategy Development Officer, Infrastructure London Borough of Enfield, is thrilled with the results.

“We are very happy with the Mitel solution,” he said. “We have gone through the testing phase and we have found that Mitel has provided good integration with our Siemens technology. It is seamless. The Mitel solution links phones, computers and the internet, and uses one language to talk to all systems. The MiVoice Business software provides up to 700 extensions, and it can do anything you want a telephone system to do. MiContact Center provides the management information system. It tells you how agents are answering the calls and who is doing what and when.”

    • A Contact Centre that would function as both an operator switchboard and a contact centre 
    • A contact centre that promises to answer 100% of calls and its agents will be able to field enquiries quickly and efficiently 
    • To be able to ring one number and get the help they need. 
    • Seamless integration with their existing Siemens network 
    • A cost effective contact centre solution in comparison to competitors 
    • A contact centre that is web based and user-friendly resulting in more efficient agents 

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