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La Citadelle Regional HospitalĀ 

Defining itself as a hospital of excellence, La Citadelle set satisfaction of its medical staff and patients as a top priority. In its search for a communications system capable of boosting its customer service and eliminating resources wasted on missed appointments, the hospital concentrated on key initiatives to improve the management of all internal and external calls.

La Citadelle worked with Mitel to unite five different locations in a single virtual team to handle all client communications. All incoming contact is routed using interactive voice response (IVR) to ensure patients are connected to the right department on the first try. If no employees are available, patients have the option to request a call-back by providing their preferred contact number. Despite incoming calls increasing by 30 percent in the past four years (reaching over 700,000 calls per year!), La Citadelle has improved performance to handle the traffic volumes while maintaining the same number of agents.

“Mitel developed a user-friendly solution that makes call handling and appointments more transparent. It’s crucial to reduce as much as possible the threshold of access to medical care. In this perspective, Mitel’s technology helps us,” said Nathalie Duliba, Supervision Manager.

    • Reduced inpatient/ outpatient missed appointments  
    • Improved appointment booking efficiency 
    • Ability to handle increased call volumes without increasing the number of agents 
    • Reduced wait time for callers; improved customer service 
    • Dramatic decrease in missed appointments and customer complaints 
    • Reduced customer wait time and new services, such as call-back and SMS alerts 
    • Despite incoming calls up 30%, enquiries are handled more efficiently with the same number of agents 
    • Extended reach to new customers due to easily accessible online appointment booking 
    • Improvements to internal organization from reporting and presence management 

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