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Limburg Provincial Council

Due the change and the optimisation of the provincial services, Limburg Provincial Council wanted more flexible user management via a subscription-based solution, to enhance the user experience and improve operational efficiency.

The council is located in the provincial capital of Hasselt and has its seats in the Provincial House. Limburg Provincial Council had various disparate legacy phone systems which were becoming time-consuming to manage and were no longer supported. Limburg Provincial Council needed to offer a more reliable, flexible customer and user experience.

  • Telephony infrastructure was obsolete and no longer supported
  • Disparate legacy telephony systems lacked integration and functionality
  • Multiple providers were causing unnecessary complexity and overheads
  • Limited resilience for business continuity
  • Unified communications connectivity for flexible, remote working
  • A better customer and user experience through feature-rich communications like real-time collaboration and one number
  • Ease of use, with limited training required
  • Consolidation of technology reduces complexity and overhead costs
  • Enhanced productivity and operational efficiency using a single, unified service
  • Improved business processes with resilience and reliability, maximising uptime and scalability

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