San Francisco Giants


The San Francisco Giants, an eight-time World Series-winning Major League Baseball (MLB) club based out of San Francisco, Calif., host nearly 42,000 fans every game and interact with many more on a daily basis. When it came to handling those interactions, the Giants looked for a high-performance solution that integrated with the club’s CRM, reduced complexity in the office and saved money.

Customer Success

“When we initiated our voiceover IP project, we looked at all the major players in the market,” said CIO Bill Schlough. “We looked at Nortel, Cisco, Avaya; those were no-brainers to include on our list. We did our thorough due diligence analyzing all four of those potential partners, and ultimately chose Shoretel (Mitel). Really, it was the simplicity and the reliable architecture that they had. When you compare that to some of the alternatives out there that would require multiple racks, multiple points of failure — that was a big differentiator for us.

    • Improve customer service
    • Lower business communications costs
    • Simplify communications for Giants employees
    • A system that reduces complexity within the work environment
    • Integration into the in-house CRM, meaning improved fan interactions
    • Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars while also adding functionality from the previous system

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