Senators Sports & Entertainment

Senators Sports & Entertainment owns and operates the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Ottawa Senators and Canadian Tire Centre. To provide the best possible fan experience, the Senators looked for a high-performance communications solution they could depend on and a mobile system that would keep a workforce on the go connected no matter where they are.

Customer Success

“Bottom line: we have confidence in our communications system,” said Geoff Publow, VP of Strategic Development. "When we host a hockey game or a busy concert, we have a million operational details to worry about and our communications system just isn’t one of them. We know it’s going to work, we know its reliable and we know we can focus on what matters most, which is delivering world-class fan experience.”

    • Collaborate with mobile and remote employees

    • Scale to transition from a 250-employee office environment to accommodate a 20,000-person, sold-out event

    • Evolve communications and fan experience as customer expectations change

    • A scalable system that can adapt to the needs for different events

    • Reliable system that allows employees to focus on fan experience without worrying about the technology behind the scenes

    • Seamless communications that can keep employees in touch as they move from facility to facility


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