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The City of Charles Sturt

“Our organization delivers a wide range of services for the community, so ensuring our team is easily accessible to the public is a key concern,” said Janelle Sollitto, Acting Manager Information Services. “We decided it was time to improve our ability to communicate between our various offices and streamline customer service delivery. To achieve this, our goal was to build on a platform that could flexibly handle our needs for many years.”

After undertaking a tender process evaluating solutions from multiple vendors, a Mitel® unified communication solution based on Mitel’s Freedom architecture was chosen. The solution is comprised of the Mitel MiVoice Business, Mitel Contact Center Enterprise, Mitel Intelligent Queue, and Mitel Live Business Gateway.

Council services are delivered by a team of 450 employees, with the majority of employees located at large facilities at the Civic and Beverley Centres. The central library and most customer services are based at the Civic Centre, with approximately 250 employees working in the building. Field service employees handling maintenance of property, parks, roads, and sporting facilities are based at the Beverley Centre. In addition, Council operates a further four library branches, and five small community centres. All locations are connected via a private IP wide area network.

“The Civic Centre is the key contact point for many of our interactions with residents, with some of our team members serving people across both the front desk and via phone inquiries,” said Sollitto. These staff members can now see on their computer screens how many customers are waiting to be served, and which colleagues are available to help, which makes it much easier for them to balance their workload. Mitel Intelligent Queue has allowed us to improve the flexibility of our contact centre, making it possible for us to easily tailor announcements, automatically redirect calls, and present customers with interactive options.”

  • To improve the ability to communicate between various offices and streamline customer service delivery
  • Build on a platform that could flexibly handle all needs for many years
  • An organization-wide single employee directory for phone communications has been implemented 
  • Automatically scheduled web-based reports to be produced 
  • Easy to make routine changes to configurations and call handling settings 
  • Easily integrated the solution with the Microsoft application environment already used by Council 

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