Top Oil Case Study

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Top Oil had 18 separate phone systems, which were not integrated and incurred individual landline charges. With zero call visibility, Top Oil had no way of monitoring inbound calls to ensure that customer queries were being dealt with efficiently. Phone Pulse was able to support sales and cost savings for Top Oil with Mitel’s unified communications solution.

Top Oil


  • Legacy systems were end of life and had become difficult to support, making them costly and inefficient
  • Lack of effective communications technology was leading to missed sales opportunities and preventing Top Oil from providing the quality of customer service they wanted


  • Mitel UC solution with Enterprise Contact Centre, Mitel Director, Mitel Communicator, call recording, instant messenger and email integration


  • Increased sales conversions and opportunities
  • Cost savings of €40,000 annually by integrating legacy systems
  • Flexible, scalable and resilient
  • Ease of use has resulted in excellent staff engagement


Top Oil is an Irish-owned, leading supplier of home heating oil, commercial and agricultural fuel. The company employs over 250 people across 18 manned locations and also has 12 unmanned locations. Top Oil sells over 1.3 billion litres of fuel every year, supplying fuel to large retail sites, as well as residential premises.


During peak times, Top Oil receives upwards of 8,000 calls per month and, with 18 disparate phone systems, this presented a huge problem for the multisite organisation. Sales opportunities were being missed and there was a high risk of customers’ calls being left unanswered. Furthermore, the company was spending approximately €40,000 annually on line rental. Many of the systems were end-of-life and there was limited support.


Top Oil decided to upgrade to a Unified Communications system that would better serve their business needs and guarantee excellent customer service. The company met with several providers offering a range of solutions. After a competitive bidding process and technical benchmarking from IT and business users, Phone Pulse, Mitel’s Irish Gold Partner, was chosen to implement Mitel’s UC solution.

David Lang, Sales Director for Phone Pulse, added, “Mitel was the right solution for Top Oil. Its single image architecture allows seamless communication, it provides detailed call analysis and its central control supports and simplifies the IT function.”

Mitel’s solution enables customer calls to be prioritised ahead of internal and other less time-sensitive calls. There is a centralised IP telephony system with SIP integrators in Dublin and Galway, acting as failover for each other. The centralised monitoring and reporting also allows the management team to measure company wide customer service.

The contact centre solution also provides instant access to customers’ details when they call, so any queries are answered quickly and efficiently. Phone Pulse was also able to implement call-recording capability, staff email and IM chat solution, at no additional cost.

Phone Pulse made the transition seamless, implementing the Mitel solution in just a few weeks.

Calls are now easily routed across Top Oil’s 30 locations and 250 staff. If a call is missed, customers can request a call back from the contact centre team, so no queries are left unanswered. Top Oil has moved to the next level in terms of technology. Contact centre agents in any location can answer all calls, prioritising customer queries and sales calls.

“Phone Pulse and Mitel were the obvious choice to support our current and future business needs."

Seamus McGovern, Group ICT Manager
Top Oil

Top Oil still works with Phone Pulse on an ongoing basis as the provider looks for additional ways to benefit the company through unified communications.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Mitel’s UC solution. Phone Pulse also provides superior technical knowledge and expertise, so together, they are a winning combination,” said McGovern.

Mitel’s solution has been incredibly beneficial in terms of better managing the workforce and understanding our customers’ needs. Before, we didn’t know 30% of the calls we receive are sales calls. Now, no customer is left behind.

Imogen Gold, National Contact Centre Manager
Top Oil