White Paper


Barometer of cloud telephony adoption in Europe
Mitel’s 2020 Cloud Survey conducted by Spoking Polls


An economy based on distancing has emerged following the COVID-19 crisis that has affected European companies. Mitel’s 2020 Cloud Survey shows that European companies were already moving towards cloud technology well before the pandemic crisis, and that it will not affect the trend towards new technological models for corporate telephony.

As we analyse key figures in this survey, we realise that European companies have advanced through several stages and become more agile, even as they continue to insist on high-quality infrastructure. Even in terms of use, the decision criteria expressed by respondents show a degree of technological and marketing maturity regarding solutions for migration to cloud-based telephone systems.


The COVID-19 crisis, and the subsequent need for ways to organise distance working in the environments of customers and business partners, have undoubtedly pushed suppliers
to be more innovative and raised technical standards. This situation also calls for a new dialogue with customers.


European businesses continue to move to cloud telephony, and 44% of them are ready to make the shift. Are you?


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