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Making Meetings Better in the Hybrid Workplace: Put the Employee Experience First

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Before the pandemic, around 5% of employees spent at least part of their time working from home. Looking forward, the percentage of employees who will work remotely some of the time will reach 40% to 50% and likely stay that way permanently. To adjust to this significant change in workplace dynamics, companies will need to proactively plan to support hybrid work environments, providing the right tools and culture to ensure effective employee collaboration.

In this new eBook, Frost & Sullivan re-think how collaboration should work in the hybrid workplace, placing the employee experience first and positioning it as inextricably linked to business success.

Among other insights, in this eBook highlights:

  • What is wrong with today‚Äôs meetings
  • How to makes meetings better
  • Best practices for collaborative meetings
  • The right technology to enhance meetings in a hybrid workplace
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