The New Office Rules - Preparing Your Business for Whatever Happens Next


Speakers: Melanie Turek – VP of Connected Work, Frost & Sullivan & Dave Silke – CMO, Mitel

Work has shifted, with no defined time frame or physical boundaries—has your business changed with it? Remote work will be marked by its productivity and efficiency, while offices will serve as sites for employee engagement, collaboration, and relationship building. In this sixty minute webinar, Melanie Turek, Frost & Sullivan’s Vice President of Connected Work, will reveal how to fortify your business communications and cultivate your business for the new world of hybrid work.   

  • What “hybrid work” really means 
  • Which technologies best support collaboration and productivity for a workforce spread out in multiple locations 
  • How to use remote working and in-office working to your advantage 
  • Which important factors to consider in supporting internal employee communications and collaboration, the customer experience and business continuity in the face of change 

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