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MLB Partners with Mitel to Improve Communications Technology On and Off the Field

As the Official Business Technology & Communications Partner of the MLB, Mitel is working to transform 30 independent platforms for dugout, bullpen, video review rooms and press box communications into a common, unified system offering enhanced capabilities.
“Mitel is a global leader in providing the kind of sophisticated, custom communications network that addresses the unique needs of Major League Baseball and our 30 Clubs."

- Chris Marinak, MLB Executive Vice President, Strategy, Technology & Innovation

these MLB teams have BENEFITED from deploying Mitel systems 

Who is Mitel?

We provide communications technology both on-site and in the cloud to simplify and enhance the way companies talk, chat, share and meet around the world.

If we could do this for a high-performance premier organization like the MLB, imagine what we could do for your business. Read more about the partnership ›
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