Media Distribution and Routing Applications

Build a modern and reliable contact center environment with tools that seamlessly integrate traditional automatic call distribution (ACD) with sophisticated workflows and multiple contact media, such as email, social media and Web.

Automatic Call Distribution

Load-balance and route calls to the most appropriate group(s) based on longest idle or highest skilled agent. Prioritize callers in a queue. Automatically re-route calls based on current queue conditions. Control after-hours service. Monitor calls for real-time quality assurance.

Mitel automatic call distribution (ACD) is a feature-rich, voice-enabled ACD solution that distributes calls evenly among agents for a cost-effective use of pooled resources and improved customer service. It distributes calls to the most appropriate group of agents based on the type of information or service required by the caller.

ACD resiliency provides contact centers with an immediate response to outages and allows IP phones to remain in service in the event that a MiVoice Business communications platform fails or is taken out of service for maintenance. IP phones automatically re-register with a secondary MiVoice Business Controller. Even calls in progress continue uninterrupted.

Visual Workflow Manager

Keep customers informed and manage expectations. Meet service-level commitments by matching callers to the best available agent and providing callers with alternatives to waiting in queue. Provide premium service to premium customers. Visual Workflow Manager is an all-in-one, scalable, web-based voice processing system with interactive voice response (IVR). With it, you can:

  • Quickly build and manage call flows with an intuitive drag and drop graphical user interface
  • Create and serve static and custom recorded announcements to callers in queue
  • Provide callers with expected wait time or position in-queue messaging
  • Allow customers to request a queued callback via the web or voice mail
  • Route calls based on the number they are calling from (ANI/CLI), time of day, or current queue conditions
  • Report on Visual Workflow Manager activity
  • Understand call flows from the customer's perspective.

Multimedia Contact Center

Efficiently deliver service to customers in the media of their choice while capturing detailed customer information not available from voice communications.

Multimedia Contact Center allows customers to contact you in the medium of their choice – voice, email, web chat, or even social media. Multimedia Contact Center ensures that you are just as responsive to these media as you are on the phone. Use accurate tracking, reporting and forecasting to plan your business and even protect against liability and customer claims.  Maintain service levels across all contacts. It allows you to efficiently integrate and maintain service levels across all contact types, and to monitor and report on them.