Mitel Authorized Partner Certified Specialties

Operational Circle of Excellence

Operational Circle of Excellence designations are given to partners who have demonstrated excellent ability to support and install their end customer solutions independently. Scores are calculated using Mitel’s Partner Performance Index (PPI) that measures how often, why and how partners call Mitel for end customer support. This designation is important as a third party research conducted by the Walker Group found a direct correlation between partners with high PPI scores and very happy end customers. PPI scores are calculated quarterly. Designations are granted semi annually (January and July). Partners that earn a score > 90% over 6 months are awarded the Circle of Excellence designation. 

MiContact Center Specialist

MiContact Center Specialist designations are given to partners that achieve revenue, training and end customer reference requirements within the MiCC solution. Targets vary by geographic market and are measured semi annually – January and July. In 2015, 5% of US partners earned this reward, placing these partners among the top performers in the MiCC practice.

Hospitality Advanced

Hospitality Expert