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Building the Mobile Enterprise

Paris, France | Oct 18, 2016

Discover our vision of the mobile enterprise with seamless communications and collaboration at the core, advancing real-time communications and innovating at the intersection of mobile, cloud and enterprise.
It’s been one year since Mitel announced our vision and strategy for the mobile enterprise. Read on to learn how to be more competitive in a mobile-first, cloud-enabled and millennial-focused world.
Learn how Mitel plans to bring our customers and partners from where they are today to the IoT future.

Building the Mobile Enterprise

One year ago, we announced our vision of the mobile enterprise - innovating at the intersection of mobile, cloud and enterprise. A mobile-first strategy will enable enterprises and employees to work more efficiently, and be more responsive. Since we announced that vision, we’ve delivered a set of SaaS Applications that enable mobile customer experiences such as MiContact Center, MiCloud and Embedded Communications. We have launched mobile-first services that change the way companies do business and address the BYOD dilemma such as MiTeam, and Multi-ID. Finally, we have enabled vertical innovation with new solutions for seamless communications in the hospitality and healthcare space with Connected Guest, eldercare innovations and Mitel’s Mass Notification.

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Mitel World Cloud

Global business communications are no longer bound by geographical locations. Mitel World Cloud powers the global connections needed for your entire workforce, wherever they are located, with a single, secure and seamless communications system. Productivity and collaboration accelerates while costs and complexity reduce.

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Hub One Mobile Enterprise

Hub One, a subsidiary of Aéroport de Paris, is a telecom operator and integrator of mobile and tracking solutions based in Paris. Partnering with Mitel for the future, Hub One delivers 100% cloud-based solutions on Mitel MiVoice Business and MiCollab, Mitel’s collaboration solution.

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Mobile Integration Devices

Meet the latest innovation from Mitel –the MiVoice 6900 series of premium desk phones designed for today’s mobile work place. These stunning new phones integrate seamlessly with the new mobile enterprise and your mobile device, complementing our collaboration platform MiCollab, so you can get more done, whether you’re in the office or on the move.


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