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Giving a Voice to Digital Transformation

San Antonio, TX, United States | May 31, 2017

Digital transformation is changing the game for today’s business. With rapidly evolving technologies transforming what’s possible, it’s more important than ever to give machines a voice in order to action data and provide proactive service before negative customer experiences even have a chance to occur.
Mitel is working with customers and partners to do just that. Our digital transformation strategy gives machines a voice by providing a reference architecture businesses can use across their existing environments, leveraging the cloud and accessing new productivity applications for seamless communications and collaboration. 

Our Application Strategy

Mitel is changing the way we’re building applications to give your business the ultimate freedom of choice. By breaking complex communication workflows into powerful and flexible building blocks, Mitel sets the stage to build customized business applications, tailored to the way you work and the way you connect.

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Your Workflows, Your Way

Your custom applications integrate your specialized workflows that leverage the very best of your software as a service (SaaS) tools, intersecting with sensors, monitors and other IoT-enabled devices to trigger effective and personalized networks of communication.

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Get the Most from Your Collaboration

More than just group messaging, give your teams a place to come together and work closely in real time—all in a secure environment. Bring people together to coordinate on projects, events, or situations with messaging, video, content sharing and real-time connectivity all combined into a single app.

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Transform Your Customer Experience

Real-time connections and instant results are more important than ever in today’s customer experience. Discover an advanced digital customer experience with unified communications and CRM integration that offers a complete view into your customers’ profiles for intelligent, loyalty-building customer interactions.


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Connect Your Global Workforce

Today’s business is constantly moving, changing and growing. Unite employees around the world with a single, secure and seamless communications platform to virtually bridge the distance between global offices and connect your entire workforce.

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