Our Vision of the Mobile Enterprise

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Discover the strategic vision for the mobile enterprise where advanced real-time communications, cloud and mobility technologies intersect, with Mitel CEO Rich McBee.

It’s a vision of a world where communications between business networks and mobile networks are seamless to the user. At the core of our strategy is the emergence of the mobile enterprise—a mobile first, cloud-enabled and millennial-focused world where the smartphone optimizes traditional enterprise rich voice, video and collaboration services.

Read on to see how major product announcements reinforce the mobile enterprise vision: Integrating real-time communications, cloud and mobility technologies to help service providers and businesses be more competitive.

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Purpose-built for smartphones, MiCollab delivers an intuitive and consistent real-time business communications experience across all major mobile platforms. Your SMB or enterprise gets advanced presence, directory, collaboration and click-to-connect features to reduce workflow latency and boost productivity.
Natively deliver rich desktop communications capabilities to smartphones with carrier-grade security and operational savings. With our VoWiFi technology, you can overcome in-building cellular signal weak areas and dead spots, enable users to make calls internationally, and avoid expensive toll charges.
MiContact Center
Transform the customer experience for the new mobile consumer. Tie your customers’ data into their support experience, levering CRM data, IoT/machine-to-machine triggers, and advanced SMS and speech-enabled applications for the ultimate customer experience.
Whether you’re a traditional wireless operator, wireline operator or an emerging cloud provider operator in the UK, France or Germany, you can now leverage the multi-tenant MiCloud Office public cloud platform already widely available to launch differentiated cloud services for collaboration and mobility.
Hospitality Solutions
Create tomorrow’s guest experience today by bridging staff-guest interactions smoothly with Mitel Hospitality. With it, guests can pair smartphones to their rooms and control numerous functions, like location-based services. And hotel operators can create new personalized, operationally-integrated service bundles.

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