Oplossingen voor Inbound Contact Centers

inbound callcenter

Start solid and leave room to grow

Contact centers come in many shapes and sizes, from informal teams that don't officially consider themselves contact centers to sophisticated, enterprise-grade operations with agents at different sites worldwide. The goal of any team, regardless of size, is to provide the satisfying customer experience required to build and maintain profitable relationships—a feat that involves more than managing call-handling times and abandon rates.

Top Features Businesses Look for in Inbound Call Center Solutions

    Tools for Optimizing the Customer Experience
    Productivity tools enable agents and supervisors to make informed decisions and provide prompt service. Agents can efficiently handle calls from their desktop, performing common actions using fewer steps and with reduced errors in call processing for an optimized customer experience.

    Future-Ready for Investment Protection
    Ensure your current and future needs are met with flexible deployment options on premise or in the cloud. Easily scale up or down as your contact center grows or traffic increases.
    Lower TCO from a Comprehensive Solution
    Minimize operational complexity and vendor integration costs with contact center solutions that integrate with your PBX and UC or external applications (including CRM). Choosing a full suite of tools to address your business requirements, even as they grow and evolve, will ultimately lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). 
    Resiliency and High Availability
    Ensure business continuity with a robust and highly resilient solution that is designed to provide seamless, uninterrupted service—with no loss of reporting or real-time capabilities in the event of a hardware failure or network outage.

Goede oplossingen voor het contact center bieden geautomatiseerde interacties, geavanceerde routeringsalgoritmen, tools voor personeelsbeheer en een hele reeks mogelijkheden om uw team te helpen effectief te werken en altijd een soepele en positieve klantervaring te leveren. De functionaliteitsvereisten kunnen veranderen. Verkeersvolumes kunnen toenemen. Fysieke grootte en aantal medewerkers kunnen toenemen. Maar één ding is zeker. Onze Contact Center Solutions die zijn ontworpen om met u mee te groeien, bieden spraakcommunicatie als fundering van uw callcenter, naast een uitgebreide set tools voor uw toekomstige behoeften. Met functies voor multimedia, outbound dialing, personeelsbeheer, gespreksopnamen en kwaliteitsmonitoring kunt u tegemoetkomen aan de behoeften van uw contact center en uw investeringen in de toekomst beschermen met onze callcenter-oplossingen.

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