Internet of Things (IoT) en Machine to Machine (M2M) komt samen met communicatie en samenwerking

Het Internet of Things en Machine to Machine

Wereldwijd neemt het gebruik van kunstmatige intelligentie in bedrijven toe. Deze krachtige technologie zou een revolutie moeten veroorzaken in de manier waarop u zakendoet en geen kloof moeten creëren tussen machines en mensen. Door oplossingen voor het Internet of Things (IoT) en Machine-to-Machine (M2M) te integreren met communicatie- en samenwerkingssoftware, hoeft dit niet te gebeuren. Het verbeteren van communicatie tussen devices, platforms en mensen zodat u slimmer kunt werken, en niet harder, is waar we goed in zijn.

Benefits of IoT and M2M
People no longer conduct all work communication in person, nor do they have to. Your team can interact more quickly and productively from their own devices wherever they are with Mitel collaboration software and solutions.

With MiCollab, users can communicate in real-time, sharing ideas, information and documents easily. From holding scheduled or ad hoc conferences to multi-point video conferencing to web-based collaboration software, MiCollab maximizes communications seamlessly across employees’ various devices.
Businesses are increasingly required to do more with less. Mitel’s unified communications platforms address that need, no matter the size of the business, in ways that fit within existing infrastructure and are simple to manage and deploy.

This includes intelligent twinning, which can connect a mobile phone with a desk phone, allowing an employee to answer a call on whichever phone works best for them—call forwarding for the modern era.
With employees more mobile than ever, the need for video communications that looks and feels like everyone is actually in the room is crucial. Video solutions make videoconferencing as easy as making a phone call.

Turn an audio conference into a virtual meeting without the need for a third-party service, easily share documents through a video conferencing phone in the middle of a conference and more.

Learn how to get started with IoT in the enterprise

what iot means for you

IoT connects machines to give them a voice and put them to work, whether that’s tracking the allocation of resources to identify wastefulness or streamlining workflow so your employees can focus on high-value interactions with customers. Put your money and time to better use, measure things you couldn’t measure before and transform the customer experience, all with IoT technology.

    better for your customers
    Instead of waiting for your repeat customers to reach out to you, identify their problems before they do by leveraging machine-to-machine communications.

    For example, when a large pest control company placed IoT pheromone sensors in their customers’ grain silos that communicated with a contact center when it detected mouse pheromones, they were able to identify a new mouse infestation at the silos and dispatch a pest control specialist before their customer even realized there was an issue. Their IoT technology helped them provide an improved customer experience while also eliminating wasted trips to the silos for routine checks.
    better for your employees
    The timeline of the research and development phase can be long. Examining customer complaints, aggregating data, testing ideas and creating effective plans can become messy and ineffective.

    IoT collaboration allows for real-time monitoring of customers’ feedback, automatic analysis and instant delivery of that analysis straight to your product team. This dramatically speeds up product improvements and new offerings, saving your employees time and effort while also minimizing human error.
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