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Save Money with Hosted PBX

On-premises systems may be the gold standard of business communications, but they’re expensive to purchase, operate and maintain. With hosted PBX services in the cloud, you can get the same real-time voice and collaboration experience and better PBX features while saving time and money. And that’s an easy call to make.
No hardware, no headaches

Say goodbye to capital expenses, maintenance and service fees with a hosted business phone system. With the cloud, you get great call quality, industry-leading reliability and an easy-to-manage phone system with no upfront costs—everything you need in one low monthly price.

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Free up IT resources

Don’t waste valuable IT resources on aging PBX hardware—let someone else manage the hardware and put your people where they matter most. With a hosted PBX system, you enjoy new features faster, you can add or remove lines in minutes and you’re always stay up to date with the newest release versions automatically.

Pay as you grow

With premise-based PBX systems, you pay the price for less-than-perfect capacity planning by having too little or paying for too much. With a cloud hosted PBX service, you always have just the right amount of capacity at the right time to ensure you’re paying for what you need and not a penny more.

Keep your business running

A cloud-based hosting platform can deliver ultra-high reliability and seamless disaster recovery so you always stay connected to colleagues and customers.

Not just any cloud, MiCloud

    MiCloud Connect
    Your communications system should move you forward, not hold you back. MiCloud Connect, enables reduced costs and increased business agility. With effective bundling of advanced cloud-based business communications, MiCloud Connect features a common, simple user experience across devices.


    MiCloud Flex
    How you communicate with customers and partners says a lot about your brand. With MiCloud Flex, you’re sending a message that says we’re flexible, available, reliable and simple to work with.
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