MiCollab Advanced Messaging

Powerful, secure messaging for the entire business

Empower your employees to work smarter (and not harder) by enabling them to remain connected, drive the exchange of thoughts and improve upon the speed & quality of decisions being made.

Key Benefits
A secure reliable experience
Secure, redundant voice messaging for business continuity and disaster recovery.
Everything you need in one tool
Powerful suite of enterprise-class messaging services that includes voice mail, automated attendant and fax solutions to streamline advanced call processing, voice mail notification and retrieval and more.
On-the-go connectivity
Quick, easy access to messaging via mobile devices, enabling mobile employees to remain connected while away from their desks.
Simple user experience
Support for a wide range of voice mail (TUI) emulations minimizes employee retraining and provides for an easy migration away from existing voice mail systems.

    Voice mail, automated attendant and fax services
    Secure, redundant voice messaging
    Speech and DTMF Automated Attendant
    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    Simultaneous integration with multiple telephony systems
    Alternate TUI emulation support
    Access to messaging via mobile devices




    Robust fax-on-demand applications
    Customer accessible fax library
    One to one or many message broadcasting
    Customized announcements
    Notification reporting
    Single admin interface for voice, speech, UM and fax
    Networking (AMIS, VPIM, Avaya Message Networking Server Support)
    Active Directory MMC Snap-In