NuPoint Unified Messaging

Enhance business responsiveness with flexible message management

Unified messaging (UM) simplifies the message retrieval experience by ‘unifying’ multiple message sources into a single message location. Let NuPoint Unified Messaging help your employees become more efficient by providing employees with a single, synchronized message store that can be accessed and managed using the device and method that suits them best.

Key Benefits
Easy call flow management
NuPoint Unified Messaging provides your business with a speech driven Auto-Attendant, so your callers can just say the name of an employee or department within the business and be automatically transferred to that number.
Flexible deployment options
Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging delivers a common set of user and business features within several different packages that were designed to address the varied sizing and reliability requirements of businesses.
Simplified message retrieval
Through NuPoint Unified Messaging, employees are able to easily access and manage all forms of messages, including voicemail, e-mail and fax from their desk phone, mobile device or PC.
System reliability
NuPoint Unified Messaging is deployed on industry-standard servers, and redundant hardware combined with a trusted Linux(R) operating system mean a highly available, high performance system.
    • Voicemail, automated attendant and fax services
    • Speech and DTMF Automated Attendant
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • Alternate TUI emulation support
    • Access to messaging via mobile devices
    • Outbound fax-applications

    • Customized announcements
    • Single admin interface for voice, UM and fax
    • Networking (AMIS, VPIM)
    • Active Directory integration
    • Bilingual service
    • Multi-language/region support