MiVoice 5000

A flexible communication and collaboration solution addressing medium and large market with up to 300,000 users.

Key Benefits
Excellent customer experience
Huge installed base, focusing mostly on French market, with loyal customers that is increasing from year to year, MiVoice 5000 continuously provides a high-quality communication for almost all business verticals
Flexible Deployment
All SIP and software-based solution for up to 100,000+ users that fits to many deployment options, including different options of private cloud variants
Unified Communications and Collaborations, contact center, attendant console, call recording, billing - MiVoice 5000 is a tailor-made solution that can be adopted to all kind of customers in different business verticals, focusing on customers’ needs and their requests
Open And Easy To Integrate With
Open standards-based system providing full integration with third party products and high customization potential for end customers
    • Seamless Unified Communications with integrated mobility
    • Highly customized deployment options
    • Open standards-based solution
    • Flexible deployment: on-site or private cloud
    • Fully integrated with Mitel value add applications
    • Omni-channel contact center
    • Video conferencing

    • Unified messaging
    • Mobile applications
    • Vertical-specific applications
    • Extensive reporting functionality
    • One-point entry management suite
    • Broad end-point portfolio