Cloud-based telephone solution

Access robust communication features without having to own and maintain an onsite telephone system. Whether you want to conserve capital or simply free your IT talent for other things than running the office phone system, hosted communications services can be very liberating—and surprisingly affordable with VIPedge® (formally Toshiba VIPedge®).

Key Benefits
Better cost management

Communication costs as a predictable monthly expense instead of an upfront capital investment with annual maintenance contracts

Premium service
Complete installation and support services from a nationwide network of trained and certified partner
Reliable system

Rigorous controls for security, availability and performance—beyond what a typical small- to mid-sized business could provide

Superior sound quality

Network assessment to ensure your LAN meets industry standards for crystal-clear voice and data

    • Reduce capital expenditure to purchase equipment

    • Facility space savings by reducing on-site telephone system equipment requirements

    • Budget telecommunication costs with fixed monthly fees

    • Eliminate the costs of system management

    • Survivability is automatically provided via the Cloud

    • Eliminate costly software upgrades

    • Easily expand VIPedge to support the number of users, locations, and applications required