Mitel User Group

Our history of innovation largely comes from understanding our customers: customers interacting with our solutions, and the professionals implementing them.

The Mitel User Group, which operates totally independent of Mitel, is an important voice in guiding Mitel’s solution development. As a user group participant, you have an opportunity to advise Mitel platforms applications, services and third-party solutions: Provide feedback. Make suggestions. Ask for what you want. Get information to make your job easier.

Besides providing Mitel with input, you’ll also make connections with industry peers who walk in your shoes every day. Gain valuable insight to how other professionals are solving some of the business challenges you face. Go back to your company and be the one who puts best-practices into action.

Why join the Mitel User Group?

  • Networking: Opportunities to establish relationships with other members and with the Mitel leadership team, product specialists, and other support staff.
  • Mitel OnLine (MOL): A by invitation only portal that gives members access to Mitel technical information, training, white papers, news releases, and specific user group resources.
  • Annual General Meeting: An annual event, open to all members, that also includes product presentations, training, hands-on lab and networking events.
  • Resources: Meet with Senior Mitel Product Development Teams and gain access to general Mitel resources (including, of course, your User Group peers) for everything from general product information to strategic decision support.
  • Mitel User Group Website: An “always on” discussion forum, article and resource library, and connection point for current and prospective members.
  • Newsletter: A regular electronic publication providing updates on user group activities, technical tips, event news, product announcements, and more.
  • Product Feedback: In addition to having convenient access to product and technical specialists, you may be asked to participate in a focus group, provide input on current and new products, or submit a Design Change Request (DCR).
  • Education and Training: On demand webinars and training opportunities help maximize your communications investment.

Membership is open to all Mitel customers.

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