Adding Offices

How Can We Help?Multi-site Phone Systems for Growing Businesses

Expanding your business footprint means finding a balance between the needs of individual locations and corporate continuity.

When you’re adding new offices or locations, having a reliable IP phone system that is easy to deploy, manage and use is a critical factor in setting your teams and customers up for success. However, the IT resources you have to implement and support new locations should be an important consideration in how you choose to expand your office phone system. Will there be IT staff onsite for implementation and ongoing support? Is there space for premises equipment? How much ongoing growth is expected at each location?

With our award-winning unified communications solution, Mitel Connect, you have the freedom to choose from onsite phone, cloud phone or hybrid phone deployment models, ensuring the best fit for both your IT team and your staff.

If IT resources at new offices are limited, VoIP phone services delivered as a monthly subscription service from the cloud may be an ideal solution. Mitel’s Connect CLOUD unified communications can help streamline user implementation and ongoing phone system management because Mitel handles all the heavy lifting. Cloud phone services also give you the financial flexibility to add only the licenses you need today and easily add more as you continue to grow.

If you have an existing Mitel on-premises phone system, you’ll have the option to make a capital investment in additional onsite equipment and maintain full control of your communications technology - or consider a hybrid approach by rolling out low-maintenance cloud IP phone services to new locations that can be administered from the same convenient portal as your onsite users.