MiCloud Flex Contact Center

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is the number one priority for most companies. With MiCloud Flex Contact Center, you can manage your customer interactions more effectively without managing the complexity of a traditional contact center so you can focus on maximizing sales and customer satisfaction.

In today’s digital age, the definition of customer experience has changed. Expectations of what it should be are higher than they have ever been. Consumers are no longer content with the nine-to-five regiment. They expect to connect any time, day or night. They expect the freedom to choose which channels to interact through. They expect to receive instant answers through seamless digital interactions. And with a cloud-based contact center, they will.

Key Benefits
Interact how customers want
Your customers desire a memorable experience and you want to give it to them. So deliver one worthy of this hyper-connected generation by interacting through voice, email, chat, SMS and even social media. Keep your door, and their options, open with a cloud contact center so they will have every opportunity to talk to you and no reason not to.
Improve First Contact Resolution
Agents collaborate instantaneously with experts to resolve customer inquiries on first contact resulting in fewer interaction transfers and customer call backs.
Be agile Scale easily
Your business moves fast so the tools you use should be just as agile. By housing your services, features and applications in the cloud, your employees can deliver the same great customer experience anywhere. You’ll also be able to scale easily, anytime, anywhere, so you can meet seasonality and growth head on.
Cut costs and be efficient
Whether it’s time or money, you can be doing better things with your budget than spending it on a server or additional software. With everything you need integrated into a single solution that’s hosted in the cloud, you can deliver an exceptional customer experience while aligning costs with usage.
Break down the silos
Traditional siloed contact centers are costly to manage and complex to integrate. With MiCloud Flex Contact Center, you can manage all of your customer interactions with a virtual workforce while taking advantage of the latest industry features—bringing your entire business closer to the customer.
Tackle the resource issue
By running contact center software from the cloud, customer care managers have the flexibility to find and retain top talent, regardless of location. It’s no wonder why cloud contact centers are growing at an astronomical rate.
Seamless integration
Integrate seamlessly with existing CRM and ERP systems using our REST APIs and easily add non-traditional channels like WhatsApp, WebRTC video and IoT events into your workflows.

Is this product right for you?

    • Data-Driven Skills-Based Routing

    • Voice, Chat, SMS, Email, FAX, Social Media, and 3rd party media

    • Self-Service IVR

    • Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech

    • Expected wait time and position in queue announcements and web display

    • Workflow Designer

    • Customizable real-time dashboards

    • Standard and custom historicalreporting tools

    • Omnichannel case management

    • Outbound dialing and messaging

    • Scheduled and real-time callbacks

    • Agent/Supervisor instant messaging

    • Silent monitoring / barge-in

    • Built-in Call Recording

    • Integrated Quality Monitoring

    • Built-in Workforce Scheduling

    • Integrated Workforce Management

    • Standard & customized CRM integrations

Elevate your brand

How you communicate with customers and partners says a lot about your brand. With MiCloud Flex Contact Center, you’re sending a message that says we’re flexible, available, reliable and simple to work with.

Quick and effective customer engagement

Omnichannel skills-based routing of incoming customer calls, emails, chats, SMS texts, and social media ensures that customers will be serviced quickly and effectively. If no agents are available, contacts are queued, provided treatment options and routed to the best skilled agent when one becomes available.

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World class operation

Leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create sophisticated interaction flows without complex programming. Provision agents, groups, skills, queues, announcements and more within a single administration interface.Give managers the tools to measure, optimize, and drive world class operations.

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